What can I edit on my existing ESTA?

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Edit my ESTA

What information can I update?

You can update most of all the information in your application together with the required payment information before you submit your electronic travel authorization application. However, the only exceptions are the passport number and the issuing country. If you progress in your ESTA application past the first stage and wish to edit your passport number or issuing country, you will need to create a new ESTA application.

After application approval, you can only update the email address and the address you are staying at while in the U.S.

What should I do if my passport information has changed or expired?

The only option for a person who has changed their passport information or has obtained a new passport is to apply for a new ESTA. Note that you will need to pay the associated fees with submitting an application.

How do I correct a mistake on my application?

Applicants can review and correct any mistakes before submitting the ESTA application, including the passport number. If you are submitting the application together with the required payment information, you can edit all the other data fields except your passport number and the passport issuing country.

Applicants that make mistakes on their biographical or passport information must submit a new application and will have to pay the associated fee for each application submitted. Other errors are easily correctable by clicking “Check Individual Status” under” Check ESTA Status”. Those who made a mistake in answering the eligibility question will need to contact CBP (Customs and Border Protection) from their help page.

What if I forgot my application number?

You will receive a confirmation email containing the application number after completing the application payment. You can also retrieve your application number on the ESTA status page. Go to the ESTA homepage, Click “Check Existing Application” and then “Check Individual Status”. To obtain your authorization, or application number, you will need to provide your passport number, passport issuance date, country of citizenship, passport expiration date, and your date of birth.

It is important to note that all the entered details should exactly match what you entered on the ESTA application. Any disparities between the retrieval information entered and the application information you entered will result in error messages such “No Application Found “or “Application Expired”.

How can I correct a mistake regarding Passport Issuance Date or Passport Expiration Date after completing my application?

The only time you can correct the Passport Issuance Date or Passport Expiration Date is before you pay for the ESTA application. An applicant who enters the wrong Passport Issuance or Expiration Date after completing the ESTA application payment will have to re-apply for a new travel authorization. The previous application will be cancelled, and the applicant will have to pay for each new application they submit.