WeTravel Unveils New Features to Enhance International Bookings and Business Management

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WeTravel Unveils New Features to Enhance International Bookings and Business Management
WeTravel Unveils New Features to Enhance International Bookings and Business Management

To facilitate seamless international bookings and simplify business management for multi-day travel businesses, WeTravel, the leading all-in-one travel business management platform, has announced new and enhanced features in its WeTravel Product Release – Winter.

These updates are designed to eliminate payment barriers, attract a broader international clientele, and streamline operations for travel businesses.

Booking Management Revolutionized with Inventory Management

One of the key highlights of WeTravel’s latest release is the Inventory Management feature. This empowers travel businesses to manage unlimited accommodations across trip packages and departure dates efficiently, automatically updating inventory availability based on bookings.

This functionality allows for real-time access to data on current inventory requests at a trip level, enhancing operational efficiency.

Johannes Koeppel, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of WeTravel, emphasized the significance of this enhancement, stating, “We’ve focused this year’s first product release on new features and enhancements that support both booking management and payment flexibility in the travel industry. The common goal of the four features we released is to support our clients in increasing bookings from international travelers and better managing these bookings.”

Multi-Currency Checkout for a Global Payment Experience

WeTravel has introduced the Multi-Currency Checkout feature to allow travelers to pay in their local currency, regardless of the currency in which the trip is priced.

This integrated currency converter aims to save both the travel business and the traveler unnecessary fees and the hassle of fluctuating exchange rates.

Koeppel further explained, “As consumers and travelers ourselves, WeTravel’s team understands the complexity of managing a travel business – and the lack of travel-specific software available to handle the intricacies needed to manage a travel business like inventory per trip and payments from global travelers.”

Enhanced Calendar View for Efficient Trip Management

The Calendar View feature within WeTravel’s booking platform lets travel businesses easily manage departed and upcoming trips.

This interactive calendar facilitates adjustments and detailed insights, such as departure and return dates, for multiple trips in any country.

This enhancement is expected to streamline logistics and improve communication with suppliers, tour leaders, and other stakeholders.

Pre-Registration for Strategic Planning and Lead Generation

WeTravel has also introduced the Pre-Registration feature, allowing travel businesses to add a booking widget to their websites.

This feature assists in leveraging interest in upcoming trips, such as expeditions or retreats, for lead generation and strategic planning. Integrated with WeTravel’s waitlist feature, it ensures a smooth booking process for travelers.

“Empowering travel businesses with the ability to customize their trips and the booking and check-out experience is a strategic initiative to propel our clients’ growth by capturing more bookings and being able to better manage those bookings,” added Koeppel. “This year, our features keep both the travel business and the traveler as the end-users, so everyone benefits from the platform enhancements.”

United States Immigration and Travel

For travel enthusiasts planning a visit to the United States, these enhancements align with the broader landscape of U.S. immigration, tourism, and travel.

As international bookings become more accessible, travelers are encouraged to explore the rich offerings of the United States.

In this context, it is crucial to mention the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA), a program administered by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security that allows eligible travelers to apply for authorization to enter the U.S. for tourism or business without needing to obtain a visa.

ESTA: Streamlining U.S. Travel Authorization

ESTA simplifies the travel authorization process for citizens of Visa Waiver Program (VWP) countries, including popular tourist destinations like the European Union member states, Australia, Japan, and others.

By leveraging the convenience of ESTA, eligible travelers can gain pre-approval to enter the United States, enhancing the efficiency of their travel plans.

ESTA is particularly advantageous for short-term visits, offering a streamlined and electronic approach to obtaining travel authorization.