Princess Cruises to Offer 2024 Love Boat-Themed Cruise

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Princess Cruises to Offer 2024 Love Boat-Themed Cruise
Princess Cruises to Offer 2024 Love Boat-Themed Cruise

Princess Cruises, known for its historical connection with the beloved T.V. series “The Love Boat,” announces the much-anticipated return of its themed cruise experience for 2024.

The renowned cruise line, famous for its portrayal in the iconic ’70s and ’80s T.V. show, will embark on a nostalgic journey, inviting fans to relive the series’ magic aboard the Enchanted Princess ship.

Scheduled Departure and Itinerary

The week-long voyage is scheduled to depart from New York on August 31st, offering enthusiasts an unforgettable round-trip adventure.

Travelers aboard the 3,660-passenger Enchanted Princess will follow in their favorite characters’ footsteps, visiting charming ports of call.

The cruise will include stops at Newport, Rhode Island; Boston; Rockland, Maine; and the Canadian cities of Saint John and Halifax.

Exclusive Guest Experience

Building on the success of its inaugural Love Boat cruise in 2022, Princess Cruises promises an even more enchanting experience for 2024.

Fans can expect personal encounters with original cast members, including Jill Whelan (Vicki Stubing), Bernie Kopell (Doctor Adam “Doc” Bricker), Fred Grandy (Purser Gopher), and Ted Lange (Bartender Isaac).

Adding to the excitement, Ezra Freeman, the bartender from “The Real Love Boat,” will also be in attendance.

Various activities await guests, including meet-and-greet sessions, themed trivia, and witnessing a symbolic vow renewal ceremony officiated by the cast.

Additionally, passengers can indulge in a range of themed events, including a sailaway party and a cocktail demonstration hosted by Lange and Freeman.

Ticket Pricing and VIP Packages

The cruise starts at $568 per person for double occupancy, encompassing a wide range of themed activities, access to onboard dining options, and entertainment.

Princess Cruises will announce pricing for an exclusive VIP package, granting attendees priority access to photo and autograph sessions and an exclusive cocktail party with the cast.

ESTA for U.S. Travelers

For travelers considering joining the Love Boat cruise or planning any visit to the United States, it’s crucial to navigate the entry requirements efficiently.

The Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) facilitates the entry of eligible travelers from Visa Waiver Program (VWP) countries, including many European nations, Australia, Japan, and South Korea.

ESTA streamlines entry for eligible travelers from select countries, enabling tourism or business visits to the U.S. for up to 90 days without requiring a visa.

It is particularly beneficial for those embarking on cruises, providing hassle-free access to the country’s ports of call, including embarkation and disembarkation points like New York.

Princess Cruises’ Love Boat-themed cruise offers a unique opportunity for fans to immerse themselves in nostalgia while creating new memories aboard a modern luxury vessel.
As travelers embark on this exciting journey, ensuring compliance with entry requirements, including obtaining an ESTA authorization, ensures a smooth and enjoyable travel experience.