The most Googled post lockdown travel hotspots

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A header image introducing trending travel hotspots

For over a year now travel has been widely restricted across the globe with countries closing their borders to visitors and residents being locked down in their homes. The knock on effect of this has been dramatic for travel and tourist-reliant countries.

With time to lust over far flung resorts and many dreaming of their next holiday destination, the welcome lift in restrictions means travel is coming back on the agenda and we can start to satisfy our travelling itch. 

Many of us have been searching for our next trip and interest ranges from the tropical islands of the Maldives to the volcanic Nordic nation of Iceland. But where in the world are we looking at the most for our first freedom trip?

Using Google Keyword Planner we have investigated search volume around the world for terms such as “Flights to X” and “Holidays in X” in order to determine the most popular post-lockdown locations. Data was pulled in June 2021.

An image that shows the most searched for destinations for post lockdown travel.

Data available here.