Marriott International and MGM Resorts Unveil Details of Their Collaboration

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Marriott International and MGM Resorts Unveil Details of Their Collaboration
Marriott International and MGM Resorts Unveil Details of Their Collaboration

Months after the initial announcement of the partnership between Marriott International and MGM Resorts, the two renowned brands have shed light on the intricacies of their collaboration, mainly focusing on the benefits for their respective members.

The joint venture, now known as the “MGM Collection with Marriott Bonvoy,” brings together over 190 million members from Marriott Bonvoy and more than 43 million members from MGM Rewards.

Points Transfer and Bonus Benefits

Members who link their Marriott Bonvoy and MGM Rewards accounts can seamlessly transfer points between the two programs.

This integration allows Marriott Bonvoy members to earn bonus points on future stays at MGM’s iconic Las Vegas hotels, including Mandalay Bay, Bellagio, and MGM Grand, based on their current status within the program.

Platinum, Titanium, and Ambassador members of Marriott Bonvoy are in for additional perks, including priority check-in, complimentary late checkout, and welcome gifts featuring a $15 food and beverage credit.

Marriott has published a comprehensive chart detailing the distinct benefits for each membership level.

Exclusive Amenities for Marriott Bonvoy Members

Marriott Bonvoy, known for providing tailored amenities for each service level, ensures that Ambassador Elite members receive a dedicated concierge to assist with their travel plans, adding a personalized touch to their experience.

Status Matching for MGM Rewards Members

Surprisingly, MGM Rewards members stand to gain significant advantages through this collaboration.

Those with Gold, Platinum, or NOIR status can now directly match their status with Marriott Bonvoy, irrespective of their MGM status.

The status conversion is as follows:

  • MGM Rewards Gold matches with Marriott Bonvoy Silver Elite
  • MGM Rewards Platinum matches with Marriott Bonvoy Gold Elite
  • MGM Rewards NOIR matches with Marriott Bonvoy Ambassador Elite

Timeline and Booking Information

While the exact date for the commencement of partnership benefits remains undisclosed, Marriott has shared that by early 2024, several MGM Resorts destinations can be booked through Marriott’s digital platforms, including and Marriott Bonvoy.

All properties are expected to be accessible soon after this initial release.

It’s important to note that certain promotional benefits, such as complimentary self-parking, are available only until December 31, 2024, as per information provided by Marriott.

How ESTA Enhances Your Travel Experience

As the world eagerly anticipates the unfolding of the Marriott-MGM collaboration, it’s crucial to consider the impact on United States immigration and travel.

For international visitors eyeing these renowned destinations, the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) emerges as a key player in streamlining their journey to the United States.

ESTA, an automated system that determines the eligibility of visitors to travel to the U.S. under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP), offers several conveniences for eligible travelers.

Its online application process is quick and straightforward, usually providing approval within minutes.

This electronic system eliminates the need for a traditional visa for short-term visits, making it an ideal choice for tourists.

Designed to enhance security and facilitate smoother entry into the U.S., ESTA is best suited for citizens of VWP countries planning visits for tourism, business, or transit purposes. It aligns seamlessly with the goals of international travelers seeking a hassle-free and efficient entry process.

As the partnership between Marriott and MGM promises a heightened travel experience, integrating ESTA into your travel plans ensures a harmonious journey from start to finish.

Whether you are exploring the vibrant cityscape of Las Vegas or indulging in the luxury of Marriott’s global destinations, ESTA stands as an essential component, simplifying the complexities of U.S. immigration and allowing you to focus on the excitement of your travels.

As a result, the Marriott-MGM collaboration brings together two hospitality giants and underscores the interconnected nature of travel and immigration processes.

By incorporating ESTA into your travel preparations, you can easily navigate the intricacies of U.S. entry requirements, ensuring a memorable and stress-free experience as you embark on your journey.