Major Construction Underway at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

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Major Construction Underway at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
Major Construction at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is set to undergo a significant construction effort, leading to temporary closures, parking challenges, and entrance delays.

The initiative, described as “major,” aims to repair and remove damaged structures and infrastructure, particularly at the summit of the Kīlauea volcano.

Following seismic activity beneath Halema’uma’u crater in 2018, which led to a closure of over 100 days, the National Park Service (NPS) is taking steps to address the aftermath and enhance the overall park experience.

Construction Details and Duration

The construction project involves the repair of buildings and the realignment of Crater Rim Drive, along with the restoration of Uēkahuna to a more natural landscape.

The initial phase of construction is expected to last 600 days, introducing changes that will impact visitors, tour operators, and the local community.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Superintendent Rhonda Loh highlighted the expected challenges in a statement shared by Travel and Leisure

The statement pointed out that people visiting the park, tour operators, and the local community should be ready for less parking, delays at the entrance, and the chance of certain areas closing temporarily. This is especially important if a summit eruption coincides with the construction.

Throughout this process, Loh expressed gratitude for the patience of partners, visitors, and the community.

Specific Impacts on Visitors

As part of the construction effort, alterations to the park’s infrastructure will be evident.

The Uēkahuna parking lot will see half of its spaces blocked for the project staging area, and certain vehicles longer than 25 feet and wider than eight feet will be restricted beyond the Kilauea Military Camp.

The gravel overflow parking lot at the Kīlauea Visitor Center will also serve as a staging area.

These changes are essential for the effective execution of the construction plan.

Phase Two and Future Rehabilitation

Following the beginning of the first phase, the NPS has outlined a second phase, expected to start as early as the fall.

During this phase, the Kīlauea Visitor Center will undergo rehabilitation, adding to the overall improvement of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

The Unique Landscape of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is found on the Big Island and boasts several active volcanoes, including Mauna Loa, which erupted in 2022 after nearly four decades of dormancy.

Mauna Kea, designated a National Natural Landmark, surpasses Mount Everest in height when measured from its base beneath the Pacific Ocean.

Notably, the Kīlauea volcano stands out as the island’s youngest and most active volcano.

Hawaii for ESTA Travelers

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In conclusion, while the construction at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park may present challenges to visitors, the long-term benefits of improved infrastructure and facilities are anticipated.

Travelers planning to explore the unique volcanic landscape of Hawaii or any other destination in the U.S. are encouraged to be informed about ESTA and the Visa Waiver Program for a seamless and efficient travel experience.