Can I renew an ESTA?

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Can an ESTA be renewed?

Can you renew an ESTA? An approved ESTA cannot be renewed. An ESTA will expire when your passport has expired, when your answers to the ESTA eligibility questions change, or when it has been 24 months since you obtained your last approved ESTA.

When can I apply for a new ESTA?

You can apply for a new ESTA at any time. There are no conditions that depend on applying for a new authorization, unless you are awaiting information relevant to completing your application. ESTA renewals on an existing application are not possible.

You can reapply before your current ESTA has expired. As the date of expiry of your existing ESTA near, you may receive a notification from Customs and Border Protection (CBP) stating that you have 30 days remaining on the ESTA linked to your passport. There will also be a link for you to apply for a new authorization if needed.

Will getting a new ESTA reset the number of days I can stay in the United States?

No, obtaining a new ESTA will not reset the number of days an applicant can remain in the United States. An approved ESTA can be used for stays of up to 90 days per visit. Applicants must ensure their passports are valid and their ESTA is approved upon entry at the U.S. border.

What if my ESTA expires before I leave the United States?

Your ESTA and passport will only need to remain valid upon entry into the United States. You are free to leave the country after the expiration date has expired. The ESTA rules are only in place for cases of arrival into the United States.

When applying for a new ESTA, I get a warning about an existing application?

In these cases, CBP is notifying you that an existing approved ESTA is associated with your passport. If your passport and ESTA will be valid on your arrival date to the United States, then you will not need to apply for a new ESTA.

Under what other circumstances should I get a new ESTA?

A new ESTA will be required under the following situations:

  • You get a new passport
  • You change your name (either the first, last or both names)
  • You change your gender (The ESTA application form currently does not have a gender X to choose. Instead, the traveler is required to make the choice they are most comfortable with. An ESTA application will not be denied solely based on the gender you choose during application.
  • You change your country of citizenship
  • You have changed one or more of the answers you previously provided on the nine eligibility questions of your ESTA application. For example, if you contract a disease that is contagious or you get convicted for a crime of depravity. In such circumstances, you may be required to get a U.S. visa to travel to the United States. You have to re-apply for the ESTA and the application must show the change in circumstance or you might be denied entry into the U.S. upon arrival. Find more information on the causes of ineligibility from the U.S. State Department website.