Where in the UK and Ireland has the most beaches with toilet facilities?

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With many in the UK choosing to holiday at home rather than abroad this summer, UK beach destinations have been flocked to by tourists who are spending their summer holidays on British soil. With the increased visitor numbers and domestic tourism spending predicted to be up by 51% compared to 2020, local facilities are set to be overflowing with travelers. 

It can be difficult when on a day out with family or friends to predict the need for different amenities, in particular when you might need to go to the toilet. Is there enough? Are they close by? The graphic below shows the UK beaches with the best access to toilets.

See where in the UK and Ireland has the most beach toilet facilities by location.

It’s clear that the areas researched in Ireland, such as County Londonderry, County Donegal and County Sligo have got the facilities down, with all locations landing in the top 3 for access to toilets at their beaches. This means that you won’t be caught short and can enjoy the day to the fullest.

Which Region in the UK and Ireland has the Most Beach Toilet Facilities

See where in the UK and Ireland has the most beach toilet facilities by region.

When it comes to the top regions across the UK, the South East of England takes top spot with 78% of its beaches with access to toilets which means a lot less chance of having to go on the hunt for facilities in the surrounding areas. However if you are venturing to beaches in the Isle of Man then this might become a reality with only 38% of its beaches having toilets.

Methodology: Using The Beach Guide we’ve analysed the number of beaches which have toilet facilities listed to work out the percentage of beaches with toilets. Data includes inland beach locations. Data available here.