American Cruise Lines Unveils New American Revolution Cruise Itinerary

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American Cruise Lines Unveils New American Revolution Cruise Itinerary
American Cruise Lines Unveils New American Revolution Cruise Itinerary

American Cruise Lines, renowned for its pioneering spirit in American travel, is set to launch an enhanced American Revolution cruise itinerary, promising an immersive journey into the heart of American history.

The company, which made headlines in 2018 by becoming the first to dock in Washington, D.C. in over six decades, is elevating its offerings with an exciting 11-night voyage departing from and returning to the nation’s capital.

Embarkation from Washington, D.C.

In a strategic move, American Cruise Lines will now operate its 11-night American Revolution itinerary round trip from Washington, D.C., departing from the Four Seasons Washington, D.C.

Guests can indulge in an overnight stay at this prestigious hotel before boarding one of American Cruise Lines’ state-of-the-art vessels, including the American Constitution or American Glory.

The ships boast the latest Coastal Cats catamarans, offering spacious accommodations with cabins starting at 300 square feet.

Exploring Historic Ports of Call

Departing from Washington, D.C., guests will traverse through Maryland, with notable stops in Annapolis, where they can explore the esteemed U.S. Naval Academy.

A day at sea follows, leading to an overnight stay in Norfolk, with excursion options including visits to the Wright Brothers National Memorial, the MacArthur Memorial, and the Chrysler Museum of Art.

Continuing the journey, guests will delve into Virginia’s “Historic Triangle,” encompassing Williamsburg, Yorktown, and Jamestown, pivotal sites in American colonial history.

The voyage culminates with a visit to Mount Vernon, the iconic estate of George Washington, before returning to Washington, D.C.

A Unique Experience Aboard American Cruise Lines

Melissa Young, Director of Business Development at American Cruise Lines, emphasizes the uniqueness of the American Revolution cruises, stating, “American’s small U.S. ships offer guests opportunities to visit ports of call inaccessible by larger ships, plus itineraries that are the only cruises of their kind on the market; sailing fully in the U.S.A. throughout.”

This meticulously curated itinerary reflects the company’s commitment to showcasing America’s rich heritage.

ESTA and U.S. Travel

For travelers considering embarking on this historical voyage, it’s essential to ensure compliance with U.S. immigration guidelines.

The Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) is an efficient online platform enabling citizens from qualifying countries to seek authorization for travel to the United States through the Visa Waiver Program (VWP).

ESTA streamlines the entry process for eligible travelers, providing pre-screening before boarding a carrier destined for the United States.

It offers convenience and efficiency, particularly for domestic travel within the U.S., like the American Revolution cruise offered by American Cruise Lines.

Ideal for tourists and business travelers alike, ESTA facilitates hassle-free entry into the United States for stays of up to 90 days for tourism, business, or transit purposes.

By obtaining ESTA approval, travelers can confidently embark on their American adventure, knowing they have met the necessary immigration requirements.

American Cruise Lines’ American Revolution cruise presents a captivating opportunity to explore America’s storied past while enjoying the comforts of modern travel.

Paired with the convenience of ESTA, travelers can embark on this enriching journey with ease, creating lasting memories against the backdrop of America’s historical landmarks and scenic landscapes.